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Evan 2011-2012 2 comments Read more hunting Chapter 1 For School Conliege on 29/03/12 – 9:43 In Creation, Expression French Scripture-reading nine deer were killed and 4 boars.

They called the city haunted because when we entered the city, one died directly, except those who had a skull mark. A man who had been created by a skull had the mark of a skull and he spent his life in the haunted town. Humans with a skull mark went into the haunted city. They made 50 not out and … Paul Advine 2011-2012 4 comments Read more In hunting Conliege For School on 11/10/11 – 11:05 In Creation, Expression French> Scripture-reading In hunting, we stayed at the 7 position.

We saw two deer, the mom and the baby. After we went back and a deer were killed, Dad. I went to the station 18 and saw a boar. Tom 2011-2012 7 comments Black Sea and blue shadow Through the School Conliege 13/04/12 – 10:18 If the devil was white and red angel. If the crow was black and white milk.

If the Carthusian was brown and the gray earth. If the moon was brown and white Coke. Then the sea would be black and blue shadow. Evan 2011-2012 1 comment Me For School Conliege the 12/04/12 – 10:02 In Creation, Expression French> Scripture-reading Arts> Poetry I die it makes me laugh.

I grow it makes me happy. I eat that makes me vibrate. I like it to me delirious. Me being out it makes me want to speak loudly. I’m not but herbivorous carnivore.

And I’m that little that says it’s over. My granny By Evan 2011-2012 school Conliege the 23/03/12 – 11:39 In Creation, Expressive Arts> Poetry My granny is the most beautiful grannies without product. My granny is riquiqui …

Evan 2011-2012 2 comments Read more hunting Chapter 1 For School Conliege on 29/03/12 – 9:43 In Creation, Expression French> Scripture-reading nine deer were killed and 4 boars. John tried to pull. Pascal removed a piece of skin.

Gilbert killed the goat. Tom Flavien 2011-2012 Dragonfly For School Conliege on 14/11/11 – 11:02 In: Literature Science and Techno> Life Sciences and Earth In summer, dragonflies mate with pliers, the male catches the female behind the head. It takes a wet place to lay her eggs on a dead piece of wood. The eggs hatch, they are thin and elongated. Barely outputs of the egg, larvae rush into the water.

The dragonfly larva lives in the water. Elisa Celia 2011-2012 3 comments At Wedding For School Conliege on 07/11/11 – 11:10 In Creation, Expression French> Reading-Writing Mom and John are going to marriage with Tata Leah and Flora. Tom 2011-2012 1 comment transformers: the far side of the moon by the School Conliege 18/10/11 – 10:14 In Creation, Expression French> Scripture-reading Once upon a time the cars that were on the planet to do missions.

Advine 2011-2012 3 comments Read more boar For the School Conliege 21/02/12 – 11:06 In Creation, Expression Science and Techno> Life Sciences and Earth The boar, it is called ” red chard. ” The mother gives milk to her piglets and their trying to eat. She first chews and spits them. Dad will chase and it does not help the mom. Tom pay for homework
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IME The Bonlieu on 04/04/11 – 9:24 I ‘d like to have a car tuning a 305 GTI, two large exhaust pipes, music! Mohamed 2010-2011
Results 11 to 20 from 66 Results Farm visit Flavian For the School Conliege 03/07/12 – 10:29 p.m. In: Exploration, French visit> Scripture-reading We visited the farm Flavian, one of our classmates . His farm is located just outside Conliege, a village near Lons-le-Saunier, Jura.

We had to go round by Perrigny, Briod Pannessieres and because the bus was too big to go in the mountains of Conliege. The class 2011-2012 More Cows For School Conliege on 04/07/12 – 11:26 p.m. class 2011-2012 Visit of the fish by the School Conliege 13/06/12 – 5:44 p.m.

In: Exploration, visit french> Scripture-reading We went to the fish farming Beuque Marigna-sur-Valouse … the 2011-2012 class 1 comment more for the nursery school Conliege the 03/07/12 – 11:47 p.m. the nursery class 2011-2012 more trout By the School Conliege 03/07/12 – 10:57 p.m. species breeding stages class 2011-2012 more By river School Conliege the 03/07/12 – 11:29 p.m. the dam on the river WWTP a river of first category class 2011-2012 more the outdoor pools in the School Conliege 03/07/12 – 11:32 p.m. trout change basins the basin for water circulates sale of construction and maintenance basin basin class 2011-2012 more breathing for School Conliege the 03/07/12 – 11:38 p.m. Fish breathe Class 2011-2012 More Towards the basins by the School Conliege 03/07/12 – 11:39 p.m. Oxygen sensor Do not throw pebbles The footbaths Traps rat class 2011-2012 more predators for the School Conliege 03/07/12 – 11:44 p.m. predators class 2011-2012 Read more «first

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1 result Results Reporting (ACP Cooperative Practices Analysis) – IDEM 44 By Claude Beaunis on 26/01/10 – 12:29 In: Grand West Region> GD 44 – Loire-Atlantique account Meeting History-Geo Science and Techno teaching Techniques> literature Monday, December 21, Anne Frank school PRESENTS: Paul, Dorothy, Karine, Claire, Claude, Christelle, Mary Queen Karine Valerie.

APOLOGIES: Isabelle Agnes, Melanie, Mark, Celine, Chloe, Francois Today, Paul C., this practice research Add Comment Read more
In: The New Educator PEMF For teachers review> Summary November 1994 correspondence to the center of learning screwdriver, pliers and hammers The Latin Fax Memory and Learning A multimedia package, the Second World War Between carrot and hypnosis Correspondence in Learning Center > Printable version

1 result Results Workshop Creating Mathematics-19th Freinet living Nantes. By Claude Beaunis the 17/08/09 – 10:17 In: Grand West Region> GD 44 – Loire-Atlantique Salon account pedagogical techniques> mathematical creation Proceedings of the workshop Creating Mathematics Fair Freinet – Wednesday, March 25, 2009 Notes Dorothy (IDEM 44) Add comment 1 attachment

In: The New Educator PEMF For teachers review> Summary December 1994 The mathematics workbook: RAM Ecritiques: literary critics children … Players before CP intelligent Being not only know think the self-correcting file: few historical reminders Exploration BTJ and reading-research documentary Read-write: what challenges? The mathematics workbook: RAM> Print

In: The Educator CEL For teachers review> Summary October 1954 Read Full issue in PDF DITS MATHIEU – real psychological science A new stage begins for the modern school Goodbye, Team Holiday camps Art in school Life of the ICEM Life Institute Toward a health Committee on children DITS MATHIEU – real psychological science> Print
By Catherine Chabrun on 17/04/14 – 4:14 p.m.

In: Newsletter of Education in April 2014 Attachment letter cape.pdf Size 103.22 KB Print add a comment
1 result Results Internship start / continue Freinet – 2011 Internship Federation For Gaetane Bouchet on 02/12/11 – 4:22 p.m. In Region Central East> GD 38 – Isere Region Central East> GD 42 – Loire Gr.

Start PF account Internship Federation pedagogical principles> cooperation pedagogical principles> term-creation pedagogical principles> co> consulting pedagogical principles> natural method teaching Principles> communication> correspondence teaching techniques> math teaching techniques creation> class organization> life class teaching techniques> what’s new? teaching techniques> Text free educational techniques> Reporting individualized work day by day and not complete this course organized by GD Isere Loire to La Cote Saint-Andre from 24 to 27 October 2011. Add Comment 5 attachments

In: The New Educator PEMF For teachers review> Summary January 2003 “Round Heads and Pointed Heads” Bad Boys Work they say … Perben Act: perversion of law the 1945 Freinet for the social freedom Pacifier ‘school ? Creation expression to learning and the Senegal cooperation: an example of participatory democracy: AUPEJ For education: the five taken minimal risk and their consequences for a free and responsible training to citizenship: the “Policies” to school in Brazil Children and families: new pariahs Behind the fear of violence young, some problems of French society today education fundamental social ties “round heads and pointed heads”> printable version
Results 61 to 66 from 66 results Rabbit School For the Conliege 03/11/11 – 5:28 p.m.


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